"Your Eyes Look Like Weapons To Me"

"Arguments Are Made For Makeups (So Just Give It A Little More Time)"

your eyes look like weapons to me

yes that means

i feel threatened by these


and each stare 

is another dare

of fight or flight

i’m thinking i might 

backtrack look back on the past

watching a movie while knowing the cast

pictured we’d make it by now, funny how long that it lasts

each time that i’m kinda mad

remind me you’re not something i have

kindly, put that knife in my back

cupid arrow in my chest

deadly combination, girl we don’t really mesh

is history the only thing thats keeping us friends (don’t wanna be friends)

i’m feeling my end, you’re never round my ends

feeling it end, like finally- amen

"Are We Ever Better People?"

I just scratched the surface; hardly an impression 

I’m a passive aggressive bed and breakfast

Not knowing when to stop, but always knowing I could’ve said less

Now are we ever better people, does it show?

Or do you get defeated end up retreated in my phone?

I got a home in Stockholm that you can stay in

I know it’s not good, but God it’s worth it

"Something About Distance Pt. 1"

"Something About Distance Pt. 2"

Something about sunsets makes me feel like you’re close by

Something about distance makes me not wanna ask why

You keep coming back after each time that we fight

Maybe it’s better if my dreams are the only time that we might

Connect and communicate, forget and exonerate 

All the pain that we traded, this love is a haven

Meet me in my R.E.M.

Meet me when I fall asleep

Feel these without the pressure

Hate me now and forget it later

Then fall asleep and meet again

Pick it up where we left it off

Because you’ve got goals that you’re chasing now

And i’ve got fears that i’m phasing out

Call a pause, but never quits

So long my friend, but it’s not a split

I’ll creep on you if you creep on me

Watch me close- don’t even blink

Keep me in the back room of your mental mansion

I’ll come out when the night is long

And your sleep goes on without a toss

Without a turn, I know it’s something that I have to earn

I know there’s some things that I have to learn

About sunsets

About distance

"Close To You"

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