"Last Night I Heard A Whisper"

"Timeless Love"

"Breakup For Two"

"Telling Me What I Want To Hear."

Palm reader tell me what I wanna hear

Rig the game so I end up without any fear

Palm reader, read me my last chapter

Spoil all my turmoil; Tell me what I'm after

Tell me if it’s all for nothing

Because it’s all or nothing

Wanna be worth a something

Just tell me what I wanna hear

Tell me, do my dreams end up in the bed I made?

Tell me which of my memories will fade

Will I put down the downers when my hopes get up?

Will I- crash and burn; be forgotten- like there’s no one

Palm reader, no smoke and mirror, make it clearer

Am I near her? How many years of?

Too many questions? Who recommended?

Therapist got too expensive. I get the message.

15 percentage. Pre-teen/adolescence.

Tell me what I want to hear.

"Years From Now"


This much melancholy ain’t right for 22

I should be going out and looking more like you

Finding out blaming the sun ain’t much an excuse

People will appreciate it more; just telling the truth

Maybe my own company is really enough

Maybe i’m not longing and it’s all just a bluff

Or maybe the meaning i’m looking for ain’t meant to be found

And God isn’t sending me signs from a cloud

Here’s to looking forward to now

And fortune cookies needing more doubt

And anti depressants; i’m doing without

Counting my blessings; keep messing up count 

A second i’m guessing; its best just to round

The sound of your silence; my least favorite sound

Started to ramble; was almost profound 

"Go On, Get Married."

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