"If Anybody Asks, I Already Know"

"Room On Fire"

Locations... something about time zones. 

How'd you get the west coast and I'm back home? 

Never seem to see you when I visit; nothing colder than the shoulder that you're giving me.

I always knew you'd be the one to be the one to break my heart. 

I’m the branches you break to start your campfire. 

The smokey aroma that soaks in your clothes. 

The feeling of not knowing how close is too close...


"...Do you have a bedtime? I want to show you something..."

Not counting the days, because the math is easy

Every twelfth is a month, That month is a weekly

Occurrence of options my brain feels to feed me

Her fault, my fault, the default depression

Pick part, Bic spark, ease my intention

Restart, kick start, by any means: connection

Obsession- the word that I dread

Too much of a stigma, still left me on read

“close to you”, the only thought in my head

"I Think My Life Is As Stupid As It Sounds"

"Something About In Your Car"

Not counting the days, but I’ll do the math.

Always seem to forget how fast 6 months pass

Always forgot when we’re in love how to act

Are we ever better people? Does it show?

Or do you get defeated end up retreated in my phone?

Looks like you’ve been winning, guess its best to let it go

"Ever Since & Even Still"

"Relaxing Us With My Bad Habits."

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